About Us: Staff

The staff who work with Air Cadets come from all walks of life; they may be students, teachers, police officers, members or ex- members of the Canadian Forces, or members of service groups such as the Air Force Association or Royal Canadian Legion. Some are even former Air Cadets. But, no matter how diverse their backgrounds, the staff have one thing in common – their dedication to the development of Canada's youth.

Some of our staff are enrolled in the Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Services (COATS) branch of the Canadian Forces Primary Reserve whose primary function is training cadets. They are subject to the military code of discipline and must undertake and successfully complete training in a variety of courses throughout their career.

Along with our officers, we have civilian instructors (CIs) that help train and supervise cadets. They choose to help within the Air Cadet Program for a number of reasons. Some may have become involved because their son or daughter are (or were) cadets, others may have been cadets when they were younger, and others enjoy working within a youth organization that helps mold Canada's future.

It is important to note that ALL staff must undergo security checks and complete a Vulnerable Sector Screening (VSS) process through their local municipal police force before being allowed to work with the cadets.


Captain Glenn Allaire
Commanding Officer

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Capt Cindy Reimer
Supply Officer

Capt Anna White
Level Officer

Lt Kaitlyn Jackson
Level Officer

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CI Tracy Boyd-Panth
Admin Officer

MS Wilbur Nyenhuis
Assistant Supply Officer

CI Rachel Pont
Level Officer

Mr_Colin_Finlay No_Picture No_Picture No_Picture

CV Colin Finlay
Pipe Instructor

CV Dave Kincaid
Drum Instructor

CV Kaitlyn Mullins
Level Officer

CV Laban Lin
Level Officer