History: 27 Squadron History

27 Squadron received its charter in October 1941 and is among the oldest of the squadrons in Canada. Many members of the squadron served in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) during World War II and the Korean conflict; even with several with distinction.

The following is a record of the names of former Commanding Officers of 27 Squadron, individuals who have contributed to the longevity and achievements of the unit.

1941-44Flight Lieutenant H. Stewart
1944-46Flight Lieutenant D. Hoople
1946-49Wing Commander G. Ingram AFC
1949-50Squadron Leader H. Davidson
1950-52Flight Lieutenant L. Morrow
1952-56Flight Officer L. Edwards
1956-57Squadron Leader R. Luney DFC
1957-59Squadron Leader Wooding
1959-73Squadron Leader D. Hammond CD
1973-77Capt B. McLeod CD
1977-82Major F. Couture CD
1982-84Major C. Scott
1984-88Capt R.J. Thomas CD
1988-92Capt P. Bast CD
1992-93Capt T. Ware
1993-98Major S. McManus CD
1998-01Capt A. Reimer
2001-05Maj S. McManus CD
2005-08Maj P. Tambeau CD
2008-12Maj S. Tambeau CD
2012-17Maj G. Allaire
2017-Maj C. Reimer