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This is the national governing body representing the civilian side of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. The League is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario and governs matters nationally in cooperation with the Canadian Forces.

Each province is represented to the ACL by a provincial committee that deals with matters within the province. The Ontario body governs matters at a provincial level including the selection of candidates for summer camps, the gliding program within provincial boundaries, and the screening of personnel serving on Squadron Sponsoring Committees. The provincial committee deals with their military partners located in detachments located in various regions of the province.

This is the official home page for the tri-service organization (army, sea, air) that has become known as Cadets Canada.

This is 27 Squadron's sponsor and provides funding and governance to the squadron. Members of the Branch serve on the Squadron Sponsoring Committee (SSC).

This is 27 Squadron's sponsor and provides funding to the squadron. Executive members from 427 Wing regularly visit squadrons and participate in ceremonial activities, maintaining the tradition of the founding partner, the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The Award, which can be done while being an Air Cadet, is a programme that encourages youth to be active, to participate in new activities and pursue current interests in four different areas. It offers you the opportunity to set goals and achieve results in fun and challenging ways. There are three Awards to achieve: Bronze, Silver and Gold. All you have to do is choose one activity that's of interest to you in each of the four areas of the programme, set a personal goal and then work to achieve it: community service, skill development, physical recreation, and adventurous journey. For those pursuing the Gold level, a resedential project must complete.