Cadet Training: Flying


Aviation is a large part of the Air Cadet program. Cadets have the opportunity to take part in glider familiarization flights, usually twice during the training year, at operational gliding centers in the region. The gliders used in the program are supplied by the Air Cadet League and maintained by the Canadian Forces. Before getting into the glider, a staff member at the gliding center will give cadets a briefing. They will explain what all the instruments in the glider are for. During the flight, Glider&TowPlanethe pilot will demonstrate how the controls of the aircraft work and what an aerodrome circuit is. This is also an opportunity for those cadets going for Gliding or Power Scholarships to become more familiar with the aircraft and air operations.

Senior cadets may apply for a summer Gliding or Power Scholarships to earn their glider or private pilot's licenses, respectively. In order to be eligible, cadets must attend ground school classes. In ground school class, cadets learn more about aviation and aeronautics in preparation for the Gliding or Power Scholarship qualifying exam. This information is also the basics required for the ground component of gaining a glider or private pilot's license.