Join Us: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following are frequently asked questions that recruits and their parents often have.

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What are the requirements for joining Air Cadets?

All potential cadets must be of good character, interested in the program, and prepared to attend training nights regularly. Parents' and/or guardians' permission is also required.

What is the age range for Air Cadets?

A person must have turned 12 years of age before joining cadets, and may participate until the day they turn 19.

On what nights does 27 Squadron meet?

27 Squadron parades every Thursday night from 1830 – 2100hrs (6:30 – 9:00 PM). However, there are other training opportunities on other nights of the week and on weekends.

Where does 27 Squadron meet on Thursdays?

27 Squadron meets at HMCS Prevost (MAP) at 19 Becher Street. When arriving, we ask that you do not park in any reserved spots (as HMCS Prevost staff may drive up at any time) or stop in the entrance to the parking lot (which is strictly forbidden). There are a limited number of unreserved parking spots in which Squadron staff, and recruits and their families can park. There are also city parking lots on the opposite side of the Thames River, but they charge until midnight.

Is there any cost to join Air Cadets?

There is no cost to joining cadets. There are also no dues to pay, but every cadet is expected to take part in fundraising activities.

Will I have to purchase my own uniform?

No. Complete uniforms are loaned to the cadets by the Canadian Forces. Cadets are, of course, expected to keep the uniform in good condition, looking clean and neat.

Do Air Cadets receive pay?

Only when attending certain full-time summer courses. All cadets, however, receive valuable educational benefits, trips to camp, opportunities to fly, and other rewards.

Who sponsors Air Cadets?

The Air Cadets is sponsored jointly by the Air Cadet League of Canada and the Canadian Forces. The League is a national organization, which operates along provincial and regional levels. The Ontario Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League governs the civilian sponsoring committee assigned to each squadron. These committees work in conjunction with the local Area Detachment of the Canadian Forces.

What type of activities does 27 Squadron participate in?

27 Squadron participates in a wide range of activities, including:

  • Military parades, including the City of London Remembrance Day Parade
  • Outdoor survival weekends
  • Rifle team, band, and drill team that compete against other squadrons
  • Gliding, several times a year
  • Sports nights
  • Trips, both in Canada and the United States

What is the main purpose of Air Cadet training?

While Air Cadet squadrons are organized along military lines, the primary aim is to produce better Canadian citizens – the kind who understand the responsibilities of citizenship and are prepared to accept them should the need arise.

Are Air Cadets permitted to fly? What about pilot training?

Yes. Cadets can participate in familiarization flights with the squadron and while at summer courses. Senior Air Cadets who can pass the required medical and exams can qualify for a glider or power scholarship course across Canada to earn their glider or private pilots' license.

Are there travel opportunities?

Yes. 27 Squadron takes a March Break trip each year. As well, Air Cadets travel to camps in different parts of Canada during the summer. There are also international exchange opportunities for senior Air Cadets.

Can I go to summer camp?

There are a number of varied summer courses each year held at different Canadian Forces Bases across the country. For more information about summer courses, go to the Summer Camps page.

Can Air Cadets obtain summer employment?

Senior Air Cadets who are properly qualified can apply for summer staff positions at various summer camps and courses.

Are cadets members of the military?

No. Cadets are civilians. Although the Air Cadet movement is sponsored in part by the Canadian Forces, cadets themselves are not members of the military and cannot join the Canadian Forces until they leave the cadet movement.

Will I be expected to join the Canadian Forces?

No. Air Cadets make absolutely no commitment regarding future military training. Those who do join the Canadian Forces start out with an advantage over other applicants.